Is Safehouse compatible with Android and iOS users both?

Is Safehouse compatible with Android and iOS users both?

Yes, Safehouse App is compatible with Android and iOS users both. However, in an iOS phone, it supports only two features (VPN, Threats and Tracker).

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    • System requirements for Safehouse Mobile App?

      Safehouse mobile app is compatible with above android 10 and iOS 14 version.
    • How is iOS more safe than Android?

      iOS is a closed system. Apple doesn't release its source code to app developers, and the owners of iPhones and iPads can't easily modify the code on their phones themselves. This makes it more difficult for hackers to find vulnerabilities on ...
    • What is a Safehouse Mobile App?

      Safehouse is a real-time cyber security application which is designed to protect your data and digital identity. Safehouse uses end-to-end encryption to provide you with online privacy and security.
    • Why don't we get full features in iOS?

      Because the iOS operating system has some limitations where android is more flexible and easy for new software developments.
    • Does Safehouse offers a free trial?

      Yes! Feel free to sign up for Safehouse's 7-day free trial to test run the application. At the moment, the free trial is available at the App Store / Play Store.