What happens when I accidentally open a malicious link?

What happens when I accidentally open a malicious link?

Bodyguard blocks the page and redirects the user to Safehouse Safe Page.

Bodyguard Mobile & Tablet Security, once activated, scans the internet traffic which goes through your phone, and blocks fake links and malicious websites. Compared to other anti-virus, you do not have to scan manually to block viruses and phishing websites. Once Bodyguard is on, all your internet activities get hidden, and no one can see your data on your phone. Activate Bodyguard with one button. It uses minimal battery and memory of your phone. 

Bodyguard initiates a Peer 2 Peer encrypted VPN to the Safehouse Secure Cloud - Where our military-grade Cyber defence engines are securing your traffic in real-time.

Bodyguard is a clean pipe threat detection and prevention solution for your digital life, and our technology as well as our policy, keeps all users safe and completely private.

It's our priority to keep you safe!

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